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American, Adjunct and Euro Lager

Most American, Adjunct and Euro lagers are similar in color, taste, aroma and finish. 

Amstel Light – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Becks – Breman, Germany

Blue Point Toasted Lager – Patchogue, NY

Brooklyn Lager – Brooklyn, NY

Bud Light Lime – St Louis, MO

Bud Light – St Louis, MO

Budweiser – St Louis, MO

Coors Light – Golden, CO 

Corona – Mexico City, Mexico 

Corona Light- Mexico City, Mexico

Dos Equis Lager – Monterrey, Mexico

Foster’s – Australia

Heineken – Zoeterwoude, Netherlands

Labatt Blue Light – London ON, Canada

Labatt Blue – London ON, Canada

Labatt Non- Alcoholic – London ON, Canada

MicUltra – St Louis, MO

Miller Lite – Milwaukee, WI

Molson Canadian – Toronto, Ontario

O’Doul’s – St Louis, MO

Peroni – Roma, Italy

Red Stripe – Kingston, Jamaica

Sam Adams Boston Lager – Boston, MA

Stella Artois – Leuven, Belgium


American and European Pale Ales

Bass – Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire, England 

Color-Deep Copper, Smell-Hops & Malts, Taste- Hops &
Sweet Malts, Finish- Smooth & Slightly Dry

Boddingtons – Manchester, England

Color- Golden Copper, Smell- Malty, Taste- Hops & Malt,

Finish- Smooth & light Dryness

Leffe Blonde – Dinant, Belgium 

Color- Golden, Smell- Malts & Fruits, Taste- Sweet Bread &
Spice, Finish- Smooth

Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale – North Yorkshire, England 

Color- Golden orange, Smell- Hops & Sweet Malts,
Taste- Citrus Hops & Biscuity and Malty, Finish- Dry

Orval – Villers-Devant-Orval, Belgium 

Color- Yellow, Smell- Complex Spices, Floral & Earthy,
Taste- Little Fruit & Floral, Finish- Low Carbonated, Smooth

Oskar Blues – Manchester, England 

Color- Light Amber, Smell- Citrus, pine, malts, Taste- citrus hops,
Finish- Smooth & Crisp


Abbeys, Barleywines and Strong Ales

Delirium Tremens – Melle, Belgium 

Color- Golden Yellow, Smell- Alcohol & Belgian Yeast,
Taste- Slight Fruit, Alcohol & Belgian Yeast, Finish- Alcohol & Sweet

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale 22 oz – Escondido, CA

Color- Ruby Red, Smell- Grassy Hops & Doughy Malts Taste- Malt a &

Hops Balanced Finish- Dry and Clean

Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot – Easten, PA                                                      

Color- Deep Copper, Smell- Malty, Taste- Malty,
Figs & Dates, Finish- Fruity


Amber Ales

Dos Equis Amber – Monterrey, Mexico 

Color- Amber, Smell- Caramel Malts, Taste- Breads & Malts,
Finish- Smooth

Great Lakes Brewing Eliot Ness – Cleveland, OH 

Color- Ruby Amber, Smell- Dry Hops & Smokey Malts, Taste- Light Hops & Malt,
Finish- Bitter


Belgian Dubbles, Triples and Quadruples

Artisinal Bosteels Triple Karmeliet – Buggenhout, Belgium 

Color- Golden, Smell- Fruit, Cloves & Bready Malts,
Taste- Sweet Malt, Fruit & Breads, Finish- Carbonated

Chimay Premiere (Red) – Baileux, Belgium 

Color- Amber, Smell- Malty & Slight Fruit, Taste- Malt,
Fruit & Belgian Yeast, Finish- Carbonated

Chimay Triple (White) – Baileux, Belgium 

Color- Hazy Golden Orange, Smell- Fruits, Spice, Malt &
Belgian Yeast, Taste- Spice, Bready Malts & Fruit, Finish- Carbonated

Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue) – Baileux, Belgium

Color- Copper Brown Smell- Fruits, Spice, Malt &
Belgian Yeast, Taste- Peppery, Malts & Fruit, Finish- Carbonated

Off Color Apex Predator – Chicago, IL 

Color-Hazy, Straw Gold, Smell- Earthy with Light Funk,
Taste- Lemon, Grassy Hop with Yeast, Finish- Semi-Dry

Ommegang Three Philosophers– Cooperstown, NY

Color- Deep Brown, Smell- Fruits and Sweet Malts Taste- Cherry & Figs

Finish- Sweet

Victory Golden Monkey – Downington, PA 

Color- Deep Yellow, Smell- Spicy, Bananas & Malts,
Taste- Grains, Light Bananas & Cloves, Finish- Smooth

Westmalle Dubble – Malle, Belgium 

Color- Dark Brown, Smell- Sweet Malt & Toffee,
Taste- Slightly Bitter & Fruit, Finish- Dry



Middle Ages Boxing Day Bitter– Syracuse, NY 

Color- Amber, Smell- Earthy Malts & Hops Taste- Bitter flower, Citrus Hops

Finish- Crisp and Bitter


Bocks, Dopplebocks, Weizenbocks and Maibocks

Ayinger Celebrator- Aying, Germany 
Color- Dark Brown, Smell- Roasted Malt, Earthy & Fruit,
Taste- Bitter Hops, Toasted Bread & Light Fruit, Finish-Creamy & Lightly Dry

Troegs Troeganator- Harrisburg, PA 
Color- Bronze, Smell- Bready Malts
Taste- Rich Malt & Subtle Spice, Finish- Smooth


Brown Ales

Newcastle- Edinburgh, Scotland 
Color-Amber Brown, Smell- Roasted Malts & Nuts,
Taste- Roasted Malts, Nuts & Light Fruit, Finish- Smooth


Cream Ales

Genesee Cream Ale- Rochester, NY 

Color- Golden Yellow, Smell- Earthy Corn and Vanilla, Taste-  Sweet Corn  & Malts, Finish- Smooth Vanilla                                                                                                                                       

Sixpoint Sweet Action- Brooklyn, NY 

Color- Burnt Orange, Smell- Orange Cream with Hop Accents,

Taste-  Sweet Corn  & Malts, Finish – Dry


Fruit Beers and Lambic

Lindemans Framboise- Vlezenbeek, Belgium 
Color- Purple, Smell- Raspberries & Mulberries,
Taste- Tart Raspberries, Finish- Raspberries & Carbonated

Wells Banana Bread Beer- Bedford, England
Color- Copper, Smell- Bananas & Malt Taste- Bananas & Slight Vanilla, Finish- Slightly Dry

Wild Blue- Saint Louis, MO 
Color- Reddish Pink, Smell- Sweet Fruit, Blueberries & Plums,
Taste- Sweet Blueberries, Finish- Carbonated & Slightly Dry

Fruit Beers and Lambic

Lindemans Framboise- Vlezenbeek, Belgium 
Color- Purple, Smell- Raspberries & Mulberries,
Taste- Tart Raspberries, Finish- Raspberries & Carbonated

Wild Blue- Saint Louis, MO 
Color- Reddish Pink, Smell- Sweet Fruit, Blueberries & Plums,
Taste- Sweet Blueberries, Finish- Carbonated & Slightly Dry

Wells Banana Bread Beer- Bedford, England 
Color- Copper, Smell- Bananas & Malt
Taste- Bananas & Slight Vanilla, Finish- Slightly Dry


Ciders & Other Gluten Free Options

Nine Pines New York hard Cider Cans –Albany, NY

Color- Straw Yellow, Smell – Fermented Apples, Taste – Dry Green Apple, Finish – Crisp & Dry

Original Sin Hard Cider – New York, NY

Color – Light Yellow, Smell – Hops & Earthy, Taste – Hops & Slight Malts, Finish – Little Dry

Redbridge Amber Ale – St. Louis, MO

Color – Amber, Smell – Earthy & Light Toffee, Taste – Earthy & Slight Hop Notes, Finish – Crisp

Rootstock Original Hard Cider – Williamson, NY

Color – pale Golden, Smell – Slightly Tart Apple & Banana, Taste – Semi-Sweet Apples, Finish – Sweet Smooth Carbonation

Rootstock Dry Hard Cider – Williamson, NY

Color – Pale light Amber, Smell – Bready & Yeasty Crisp Apple, Taste – Dry Bready, Tart Apples, Finish – Smooth & Dry

Wider Brother’s Omission Pale Ale – Portland, OR

Color – Copper, Smell – Hops and Carmel Malts, Taste – Hops & Malts, Finish – Spicy Bitter


India Pale Ales

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA 12oz Cans – San Diego, CA 

Color- Golden Orange, Smell- Grapefruit & Piney Hops, Taste- Bitter Grapefruit Hops, Finish- Light & Carbonated

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA – Milton, Delaware 

Color- Honey Amber, Smell- Spicy Hops & Sweet malts Taste- BHops & Malt,
Finish- Well Balanced

Evil Twin Citra Sunshine Slacker Session IPA 16oz Cans – Brooklyn, NY

Color- Bright Hazy Yellow, Smell- Lemon Zest & Floral Hops, Taste- Citrus & Floral Hops and Light Malt,
Finish- Thin & Carbonated

Firestone Walker Double Jack Double IPA – Pasa Robles, CA 

Color- Golden Straw, Smell- Malts & Grapefruits, Taste- Grapefruit & Mango Hops,
Finish- Smooth

Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union IPL – Framingham, MA 

Color- Hazy Bright Gold, Smell- Citrus & Resin, Taste- Grapefruit and Resin Hops,
Finish- Dry & Carbonated



Bitburger Premium Pilsner- Bitburg/Elfel, Germany 
Color- Light Yellow, Smell- Grains & Light Malts
Taste- Slight Citrus & Hops, Finish- Dry

Pilsner Urquell- Plzen, Czech Republic 
Color- Golden Yellow, Smell- Malts & Hops
Taste- Hops & Light Malt, Finish- Semi Dry



Fullers London Porter- Chiswick, London 
Color- Dark Brown, Smell- Sweet Malts & Chocolate,
Taste- Chocolate, Roast & Slight Coffee, Finish- Smooth

Great Lakes Brewing Edmund Fitzgerald – Cleveland, OH 

Color- Nearly Black, Smell- Coffee and Chocolate, Taste- Chocolate Coffee Bean,
Finish- Smooth & Creamy


Scotch Ales

Belhanven Scottish Ale- Dunbar, Scotland 
Color- Dark Copper, Smell- Bready Malt & Sum Caramel,
Taste- Slight Fruit, Caramel, Malts & Nuts, Finish- Smooth

Oskar Blues Old Chub- Longmont, CO 
Color- Dark Brown, Smell- Malt, Sweet & Smokey,
Taste- Rich, Semi-Sweet Chocolate & Caramel, Finish- Smoked



Duchesse De Bourgogne – Vichte, Belgium Flanders Red Ale 

Color- Flanders Red, Smell- Cherry, Taste- Hints of Cherry and Lime, Finish- Dry and Acidic

Lost Nation Gose – Morrisville, VT Gose Style Ale 

Color- Opauge Pale Straw, Smell-Funk, Wheat, Fruits & Coriander,
Taste- Creamy, Tart Citrus & Slightly Salty, Finish – Coriander & Carbonation


Murphy’s Irish Stout – Cork, Ireland 

Color- Dark Brown, Smell- Roasted Chocolate & Coffee,
Taste- Dry & Bitter Chocolate, Finish- Smooth

North Coast Old Rasputin – Fortbragg, CA 

Color- Black, Smell – Chocolate & Coffee, Taste- Sweet Malt,
Coffee & Slight Hops, Finish- Warm & Smooth

Otter Creek Couch Surfer – Middlebury, VT 

Color- Dark Brown, Smell- Roasted Malts, Toffee, Caramel &
Chocolate, Taste- Roasted Malts, Toasted Oats, Toffee & Slight Hops,
Finish- Slightly Dry

Sam Smith Imperial Stout – Tadcaster, England 

Color- Black, Smell- Mocha, Dry Fruit & Coffee, Taste- Roast,
Dark Fruit & Coffee, Finish- Slight Dry

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout – Bedford, England 

Color- Black, Smell- Roasted Coffee & Chocolate, Taste- Roasted,
Dark Chocolate & Coffee, Finish- Creamy & Smooth


Wheats, Hefeweizen and Dunkleweizen

Abita Purple Haze – Abita Springs LA                                                             

Color- Foggy Yellow/Orange, Smell- Fruity Raspberry,
Taste- Tart, Sweet & Raspberry, Finish- Fruity & Smooth

Harpoon UFO – Boston, MA                                                                              

Color- Hazy Orange, Smell- Bananas & Cloves,
Taste- Bananas, Cloves & Some Fruit, Finish- Slight Hops

Hoegaarden – Hoegaarden, Belgium                                                                  

Color- Cloudy Yellow, Smell- Bananas & Cloves,
Taste- Sweet Bananas, Spice & Cloves, Finish- Carbonated

Ithaca Apricot Wheat – Ithaca, NY                                                                    

Color- Golden, Smell- Apricot, Taste- Apricot & Cloves,
Finish- Carbonated

Schneider Weisse – Kelheim, Germany                                                            

Color- Golden, Smell- Roasted Bananas & Clove,
Taste- Slight Citrus, Bananas & Cloves, Finish- Slight Bananas

Wurzburger Julius Echter – Wurzburg, Germany                                            

Color- Murky Brown, Smell- Malts & Fruits, Taste- Malt,
Fruit & Slight Roasted Notes, Finish- High Carbonated




Anchor Steam – San Francisco, CA      Steam Ale 

Color-Copper, Smell- Toasted Malts & Earthy Hops,
Taste- Caramel Malts, Fruits & Slight Bitterness, Finish- Slight Dry

Not Your Father’s Rootbeer (5.9% ABV) – Wauconda, IL 

Color- Brown, Smell-Rootbeer & Vanilla,
Taste- Rooter & Vanilla, Finish- Carbonation & Slight Alcohol Burn


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